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Which programs should i install first?


I want to try to install SpatialOS without GIT on Unreal Engine but there is a great confusion around…
So, who is good to make a list with the links below?


Hi @AkenStyle,

You will still need to register a GitHub account with Epic in order to get access to the UnrealEngine fork that we have.
Once you’ve done this however, you can download the repository as a Zip file rather than using Git to clone the files to your computer. Click the green ‘Clone or download’ button on GitHub then select the ‘Download ZIP’ option.

Substituting downloading a Zip for cloning, you should be able to follow the rest of the Getting Started guide as normal.

Best of luck,


Thanks Ieuan!
I have downloaded the UnrealGDK-master from GitHub
Now in this page,

there is a big confusion, i have Windows 7 64 bit, so what programs should i install?
PS: I have already Firefox


Hi @AkenStyle,

Unfortunately the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal requires Windows 10 to work properly, so you’ll need to sort out upgrading your version of Windows before being able to proceed. Please also note the recommended hardware in the linked Unreal Engine Hardware Specifications.

That Getting Started page then lists all dependencies required to use the GDK.

If you aren’t able to get Windows 10 at the moment, then the Unreal Engine supports WIndows 7 so you should be able to follow their setup guides and get started with your project.

Best of luck,