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Who wants to join in our GDK Game Jam?



Hello all devs,

I wanted to gauge what interest there could for a Game Jam next week.

We’d like to run a week-long GDK Game Jam competition, with prizes for the top 3 winning teams/developer with the most impressive and cool creations made with our SpatialOS GDKs for both Unity and Unreal.

However, I know that time can be short for many of you guys already busy developing on your own projects/games and juggling everything else in between, so I wanted to throw the question out there and ask if anyone would be up for it!

Please respond to this post with a simple yes if you do. If you have a specific and very interesting theme or having been saving one for just the occasion, we’re also welcome to suggestions and ideas!

Nee :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love to! Thing is though, I just set it up and really have no idea how to use the platform.


I’m up for it if I have time!


Sounds great! :grinning:


Hey all :slightly_smiling_face:

Just following up on this to confirm that the Virtual GDK Game Jam competition will be going ahead next week. It will run for a full week, from Monday, 4th March, 15:00PM GMT to Sunday, 10th March, 11:59PM GMT.

For the competition to be fair to all participants, all the full details will be revealed on Monday, 4th March, including rules, criteria, themes etc.

It’s important to note that, more than seeing what you build in this competition, this game jam is about having fun with SpatialOS and the GDKs and we want everyone to enjoy jamming next week!

I’m very excited for Monday - stay tuned for all the details!