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Wiki as information central



After a few months with SpatialOS i think we need some kind of a wiki to collect information and code snippets. Lot of information is spread over tutorials, docs and forums but finding it is hard.

What do you think?


Hey Flo.
We’ve got several projects internally that will help with this for sure: better search for the docs, a more structured layout including an API reference, better visibility on what’s stored in Github e.t.c.

I think a wiki would help in the short term, but the improvements aren’t far away and so it might be quickly redundant. Also, from experience of managing this forum: things have a tendency to go out of date fast due to the nature of the platform and the frequent updates. Once the API stabilizes ( v9 was a huge step in that direction ) we’ll be able to build up the knowledge base at a faster rate.

If there is a community effort to build and maintain a wiki: I’m all for it and of course will help; but the world we’re trying to build at the moment is one where that wiki doesn’t have to exist at all.

Remember you can track good posts by bookmarking them, and you can subscribe to our github to get notifications when we push :slight_smile:


Also - I’m trying to make sure that useful content and feedback from the forums makes its way into the docs. So that should hopefully help too!


Thanks for your replies. Will wait for the improvements then!