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Will it become possible to put EntityPrefabs in a different (sub)folder?



The structure that I use for my game is to have all my custom game stuffs in a subfolder in my hierarchy; but, as far as I know, the EntityPrefabs folder needs to be in the root of the Assets folder. Will it become possible in a future release to move that into a different folder or even rename it?


Hey @draconigra,

We are going to add a new feature in an upcoming SDK release (version 11.0.0) called the EntityPipeline which allows you to customise your entity lifecycle. Once that feature is out, you will be able to freely customise how entities are spawned (e.g. load prefab from a custom folder, load assets from an external source, compose gameobjects programmatically). Stay tuned!

There is no way to customise the spawning behaviour for version 10.4.0 I’m afraid. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:



No apologies necessary, really happy to hear this news! Thank you!