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Wizards Demo Issue


I’ve been experiencing a couple of issues with Wizards demo:

  1. It default deploys to eu4. Why is it deploying here by default, I thought it deployed to the us cluster by default? It runs fine on the eu4 cluster and I can play the demo.
  2. When I force it to us3, I can’t connect to it. When I initially connect with the client, it says SpatialOS not ready - please either start SpatialOS or try again in a few seconds! When I connect a second time, it just sits at connecting and won’t move past that part. However, I see a worker spin up for my client in the inspector.


Hi @Relic, sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Can you tell me what version of SpatialOS you are using and what Unity version you are running? I will ask my team member if anyone is aware of any issues with us3 currently.