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"Wizards' World" Configuration Location



I’m a seasoned Unity3D developer but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out where the Configuration of the overall World is for the Wizards demo - the level designed overview static scene. Literally the placement of the trees etc. I understand it is a highly templated SDK via entity schema etc but there must be a scene (or something) that says there is (for example) a tree and a tree even if it is just code.

If for some reason the answer is the Wizards demo is special and more-over randomly(ish) created if there is another demo you great folks out there could point me to that would also be great.

I think (for the most part) I understand the full pipeline except for this one step. I see people have said “you can put your world in the Worker Scene” but it is still killing me to know where the World is in the Wizards demo.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Daxxus666,

The snapshot containing the world layout for Wizards is created procedually in workers/unity/Assets/Editor/SnapshotDefault.cs

There is however nothing stopping you from building a snapshot like based on an existing unity scene.


Yes thanks for the verification - coincidentally I noticed the procedural class file about an hour after I wrote the post - but verification is always an important step in understanding. Very much appreciated.


If you want, you can use the experimental build system introduced in 12.2
This allows scenes to be specified through config file with an inspector UI.