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Worker load question


This is probably an obvious question, but what does worker load represent exactly? Is it purely a processing thing or is it also indicating network capacity?

Also should I be reading anything into the worker load for client workers? It tends to show a load around 1 when I run clients on my desktop - which seems implausible but I’m not even sure whether that matters for anything


Hi @stuart_p, worker load is a metric reported by the workers themselves. In the case of the UnitySDK, I believe this is based off of the frame rate the worker is able to compute. If you want to look into it more check out the MetricsReporter.cs script within the UnitySDK.

So it doesn’t (at least in the workers we provide) have anything directly to do with network load. It’s used by spatial to load balance, so if one UnityWorker is reporting particularly low frame rates others will be able to take some of the load. As for the clients, I wouldn’t be too concerned with the loadbalancing number. If you’re experiencing issues they would probably be easier to detect by just looking at the local frame rate.


:+1: thanks