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You know what would be cool? A directory of all active playtests


Do you guys (Improbable) have a program or webpage that lists all SpatialOS games currently running along with a URL? It would be great if I could just load up a page and see what games there are to join (and help test.) Even better would be a app or email notification telling me something is up and available. Currently, coordinating play-tests seems to be problematic for our community.



I would like to see something like this. It would need to have some type of opt in system though where you can check a box next to a deployment to make it public / show up on the list. This way games that do not want to show-up / do testing via other means and such could continue on as normal.


Yeah, definitely have the ability to not make it listed. :slight_smile:


Hi @VectorXStudios!

Thanks very much for the suggestion. We currently don’t have this; it’s something we want to do down the line when the volume of playtests and the community of potential playtesters gets bigger

For now we rely on users announcing their playtests and sharing links to them through the playtests section of the forums and any other channel they think will get a good response (e.g the community discord)



Is there an API to query a spatial instance? For example, is there a way to ping a game to see if its “up”? If so, I could write a tool such as this.

Also, I just added a reply to the Discord thread. Apparently the code is expired to join the group.


I love this idea! Looking forward to the future implementation :smiley:


Is this something we can build as a community? A SpatialOS showcase site where you can announce your playtest with a link to the public or a select number of users?


And perhaps even with community created content such as articles, tips and tricks or snippets?


Maybe something like a SpatialOS Community Wiki? I’m in the process of setting up a very extensive wiki for my game that will have the possibility for users to have a blog, featured articles, news feed, etc.
A similar thing could be set up, I think, for a SpatialOS community :slight_smile:


Cool idea!
A dedicated site would be cool. Another suggestion would be a Discord bot/channel in the Community Discord.
With a bot you could sign up for email alerts too, then use Discord to actually chat/organise the playtest :smile: